Snackz World is a E-Commerce Website that selling snacks from different countries.

We believed that a lot of Malaysians do like others countries snacks from Thailand, Japan, Korea and more.
But not all the Malaysians able to taste the snacks from the other countries.

So we wanted to bring the happiness of enjoying snacks to every part of Malaysia even though Sabah & Sarawak.
We using courier services and logistic company to deliver the goods for them.

We surely that everyone will feel happy when they get their snacks.
Some of them may feel that they had gone back to the childhood.
We trust that even adults and children are joyful when they’re having snacks.

Futhermore, do support us and send the happiness to everyone you love.
Thank you. is managed by MH Snacks World.
MH Snacks World was enstablised in Mei 2016.